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Tutorial steps:

  1. topic, target group,keywords
  2. head (tags)
  3. pictures (alt-tag)
  4. usefull domain
  5. links
  6. page optimazation
  7. duplicate content

SEO Tutorial(5)


In addition to the already mentioned steps backlinks are essential. These are links which refere from one website to you website. The reason is not to get more visitors from these linked sites, or atleast it is not the main point. The main purpose is that search engins rate websites with many backlinks as more important and serious than websites with less links. It is comparable to a recommendation.

E.g. Google uses this recommendation for a special algorithmus to develop a pagerank. This is a nummber between 0 and 10, which should show the importance of a website. Sites with the high pagerank will be listed on higher positions


seo-students: example for an anchortext

In this case The anchortext is “more information about SEO”. It is commendable to use such an anchortext instead of “here”. On one hand because the visitor knows where the link referes to. On the other hand search engins take these text as a topic of the page the link referes to. There is no difference between intern and extern links, so try to choose suggestive descriptions.

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