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Tutorial steps:

  1. topic, target group,keywords
  2. head (tags)
  3. pictures (alt-tag)
  4. usefull domain
  5. links
  6. page optimazation
  7. duplicate content

SEO Tutorial(3)

pictures(addition of alt tags)

Search engins can't see your pictures. Because of this it is important to add the attribute alt="SEO and its role for website ranking" , this is also used for the ranking. You can identify such alt-tags by moving your mouse over a picture. Incase of such a tag, a yellow small window will apear and tell in our example "SEO and its role for website ranking"

Besides this many search engins use a searchoption only for pictures. That is why you should use your keywords for file name, use alt-tags but with some more words than only the special keywords and if possible use the keyword in an

headline close to the picture.

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